Family Law

Family Law Introduction


In family law, selecting an attorney may be the single most important decision you will make. Your lawyer is the person whose advice will cause you to take actions that may become irrevocable and life changing. Your lawyer is the person who will guide you in developing a plan and course of action that is right for your family. If you are involved in a support battle and have the wrong lawyer, you could end up paying more in support than you were previously. If you are involved in a divorce battle and have chosen the wrong lawyer, you could end up losing your home, pension or life savings. If you are involved in a custody battle and have the wrong lawyer, you could lose the right to spend time with your own child. Having the right attorney is your first step to a successful resolution. Additionally, the mere presence of the right attorney sends a message to the other side not to waste time or money filing frivolous petitions.

At Keller, Lisgar & Williams, LLP, our attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience of family law matters and have handled cases in all courts, at all levels, throughout Delaware, Philadelphia, Chester, Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Family law issues include, but are not limited to:

DivorceCustody & VisitationChild SupportContempt ViolationsSpousal SupportPre-nuptials
AdoptionGuardianshipPaternityName ChangesProperty Division – SettlementsAlimony
Protection from Abuse (PFA)

We understand that family law matters are extremely emotional and personal. Our goal is to help you through this most difficult time by finding the least costly and most expeditious route to resolution. Just as each client’s case is different, so are his/her financial abilities. We will do our best to work with you in developing a payment plan that fits your budget.

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