Sex Crimes


Sex crimes include all forms of illegal sexual activity, ranging from the crime of rape to prostitution. Other sex crimes include public indecency, voyeurism, lewd acts, date rape, pandering, pimping, molestation, statutory rape, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, sexual abuse of children, illegal distribution of obscene and other sexual materials (ex. possessing or distributing a sexually explicit photo), child pornography, and indecent assault.

The most serious crimes involve the sexual assault of children or include physical injury. These offenses are generally categorized as felonies and may include lengthy prison sentences. Some F1 charges carry a potential life sentence.

A conviction under some of these sex crimes will require you to register as a sex offender. Even if you receive a short prison sentence, the consequences of such a conviction could be devastating to you and your family.

Senior partner, Robert C. Keller was formerly a criminal prosecutor in Delaware County. He has tried thousands of cases, including sex crimes. Regardless of the charges brought against you, our attorneys have extensive experience in dealing with these serious and sensitive issues.

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