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Ovarian Cancer Due To Talc Powder

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Talc is a soft mineral that can be ground into a fine powder to absorb moisture. However, various studies have shown that talc can cause serious side effects for women who have used the product on their genital area. Research shows that women who have regularly used talcum powder on their genital area may have an increased risk for developing ovarian cancer. With regular use, small particles of the powder may travel through the uterus and fallopian tubes and embed in the ovaries and cause ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is also particularly dangerous because detection is difficult. Talcum powder has been used by millions of women over the years to stay dry and feel fresh in the vaginal region without knowing the serious risks that exist with regard to the development of ovarian cancer.

If you or a loved one have suffered ovarian cancer and have used Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder or Shower to Shower Powder on a regular basis, please contact us. We are actively investigating these cases and will be glad to speak with you to determine if a lawsuit can be filed on your behalf to compensate you and your family for all of your injuries and suffering.