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$900,000 settlement against Philadelphia Nightclub for serving alcohol to a minor and other intoxicated person

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The case involved a gentleman’s club in Philadelphia that continued to serve a 20 year old girl (a minor) and her boyfriend with large quantities of alcohol, after they were visibly intoxicated. At closing time, the couple drove away in her car. The boyfriend caused the car to strike a guardrail on I95, flipping the car over and throwing the girl approximately 40 feet into the highway. She suffered head trauma, back pain and severe road rash. It was discovered that both the girl and her boyfriend had blood alcohol levels that were three times the legal limit in PA. A complaint was filed alleging the club had violated 4-493 of the Pennsylvania Liquor Code (Dram Shop Act) which prohibits liquor establishments from serving alcohol to minors, and visibly intoxicated patrons. The matter ultimately settled for $900,000 before THE HONORABLE SANDRA MAZER MOSS in Philadelphia, just days before it was scheduled for trial. Attorney Valerie K. Williams was co-counsel for plaintiff.