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$595,000 Settlement Against a Tractor Trailer Driver Who Backed up Without Looking

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The driver of a tractor trailer came to a complete stop when he realized the road up ahead was closed. Without first looking to see what was behind him, he began to reverse the truck. The rear of the trailer made contact with plaintiff’s small car, which was positioned directly behind it. Plaintiff’s car was pushed backwards several feet, at a low rate of speed. There was little visible damage to Plaintiff’s car. Plaintiff had an accident 10 years prior, for which he underwent a cervical spine fusion. Plaintiff’s doctors relayed that his underlying condition was aggravated by the incident with the tractor trailer, and created a need for an additional cervical spine surgery, which plaintiff underwent. Plaintiff’s counsel, Valerie K. Williams, argued that plaintiff was an “egg-shell plaintiff.” Before litigating the matter in front of a Philadelphia jury, the parties agreed to attend non-binding mediation, which resulted in a settlement of $595,000.